Do we need to go back a step in looking at our front of house skills?

The ever lasting question for most hospitality and catering businesses is how they ensure that their customer facing staff always live up to the expectations of your business. How many times have we hung our head down when we watch our staff interact with the customer?

Well if we are honest with ourselves quite a lot, how do we ensure that our staff buy in to our business, after all they are the “sellers” of our brand and yet; do we spend enough time sharing our skills and training our staff on how to interact? Again the answer is probably not. I always remember working in a pretty well known hotel in London with the 1st round of “celebrity chefs” and he told me – never to get above myself with the food service, whilst important, vital, and our reputation is built on it, never forget a good waiter/waitress pays our wages, we as chefs spend it, they as our customer focused staff sell it.

It is quite true, how often to we see an empty wine glass on the table, how often do we see the service staff never offer another glass or interact with them to make them feel they are the only people in the restaurant. It is a skill, it is a business saving skill and and immediately after someone asks you about the food, they follow-up with “how was the service” and remember 6 people will tell a further 10 if they had great food and great service, but, those 6 will tell 20 if it wasn’t. So, in my opinion it is back to the basics; know your customer, treat them well, engage with them, meet the expectation, maintain eye contact… As a result of people asking us we have produced a 30 minute session on this for those businesses that are busy, but, could do with a hand. Just ask and we are more than happy to come out and have a chat about your needs. Remember, your food may be exceptional, but, your profit and return business is in your custoemr service.

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