Mystery Customers, what’s the point?

Mystery shopping is simply a survey which looks at the behavior and interactions of your employees with your customers at their usual point of contact. A very simple explanation, so, why do we do we still not gather the thoughts of our customers before they hit the trip advisor key on their latest review of your business?

You can derive a lot of useful information for your business, with both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information gathered by the mystery shopper you can develop actions for your business and you have a snap shot, that can be set at regular intervals

So, why have we become reliant on web sites to tell us how we are doing? and if we receive a bad report, often it is too late or we end up giving out discounts and free meals/services, which in turn costs us our margins.

So, mystery shopping is a good thing? Yes, for the cost of a meal and a detailed analysis, it has to be….. doesn’t it? Well, whilst research supports the concept with a big tick and it has been proven to have a large net positive for a lot of businesses, it wouldn’t be right not to identify a few weaknesses;

  • Sample size, mystery shopping is the smallest of the small samples it is a single customer’s experience at your business with your employee
  • Could be poorly interpreted, particularity with food
  • A single report may not allow enough to develop or identify an issue and therefore follow-up might be needed

So, in short mystery shopping is an interesting tool that can help you get insight into the customer experience that is difficult to get in any other way. It also makes a good motivation tool for employees and helps to spot problem areas in customer service. It’s not a standalone tool, but, for very little investment you can add it to your current evaluation practices, making it part of your marketing and telling your customers you are signed up to a customer satisfaction program. I’ll bet you’ll get no more bad trip advisor reviews

If you want to find out more about mystery shopping, just look at our courses/programs page

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