Systems Management – A business saver

We have seen much in the press recently about large and small catering companies hitting the headlines because their paperwork systems and assurance hasn’t been constantly audited. For many paperwork in an industry where the skill and the art of providing an experience is critical, we sometimes find that paperwork is relatively low down in the scale of things we have to do. But, if you have a workable and simple system that is specific to your needs, this shouldn’t be a burden. A good system, understood by all your staff will pay you dividends if anything should happen. I believe in updating your training around these systems and providing small, focused sessions can sometimes be more effective, than the yearly trudge through the traditional food safety certification courses. Of course you need to audit that what you are doing and stating what is happening in your business. Why take a chance that your; allergy information isn’t up to date – have you product specifications for your suppliers? or that your Chef isn’t following your cleaning schedule or monitoring the temperature of your fridges? We have seen in recent months some pretty big high profile companies getting caught out, and they have a huge team and resources to get it right, these companies throw doubt on their supply and in turn customers are beginning to challenge the food pathway, so, local, comes into play. But, how do we know our local suppliers are compliant? What are they purchasing and from where? These are question I think we need to be asking as part of our food safety trail, time consuming.. yes.. business saving.. most definitely. Can your business afford to be in the dark?

This is where we can help, complex or simple it all matters and will ensure that you and your business will not fail because someone didn’t know an ingredient

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